Wellness Dining

Dining to Match The Experience

We take great pride in the quality of our dining services and meals provided for our wellness retreats are specially catered using the best ingredients. While you're out being physically active we're creating great-tasting and nutritious meals that will replenish the needs of your body. 

Wherever possible we use local vendors to provide fresh vegetables and proteins, and we supplement from our personally attended vegetable and herb garden. 

Special dietary requirements are happily accommodated, and all foods are prepared with integrity and care. We have a craft beer menu, and fine wine list for all tastes.

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Meal Services
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (included)
  • Specialty lunches for outdoor excursions and adventures
  • Additional snacks, drinks, and other food items available. 
  • Beer / wine available for purchase during meals in restaurant. 

    What Our Guests Say: "Heard it was the best! That was right! WOW! I loved it all! We will be back to see our good new friend - your Chef. Thank you so very much. Fantastic Customer Service. Really felt right at home." - Will

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